As of March 16th, the existing client dashboard will cease to function.

Following a recent software update, the system has shown a number of issues that have prompted me to review how client files are managed.

As of March 16th, I will be switching over to Trello as a dashboard service.

Trello provides the same functionality as the existing dashboard, but with the benefits of a much more streamlined ‘drag and drop’ experience. Trello also comes with a phone/ tablet app, making it much easier for clients to review work on the go.

Although Trello is a third party application (as opposed to the existing dashboard, which was hosted and run from within the Maverick Numismatics site), the levels of security are still as robust. 3D files will still be hosted on the Maverick Numismatics server, and Trello will only provide links to those files.

I will be posting some instructions on how to get the best out of Trello over the coming weeks, but please get in touch if you have any questions.

I will add clients to the system as projects arise, so if you wish to access archive projects, please let me know.